Name  Office  Term
 Bruce Charette  Town Council Chair  2020-2022
 Brian Connolly  Town Council 1st District  2020-2022
 David Wlodkowski  Town Council 1st District  2020-2022
 Edward Giannaros  Town Council 2nd District  2020-2022
 Patricia Boye-Williams  Town Council 2nd District  2020-2022
 Liz Fitzsimmons   Board of Education  2020-2024
 Matthew Hutvagner  Board of Education  2020-2024 
 Beth Kintner  Board of Education  2020-2024 
 Inez St. James  Planning and Zoning  2020-2024
 Marcie Schwartz  Planning and Zoning  2020-2024
 Scott Halstead  Planning and Zoning Alternate  2020-2022
 John Vibert  Planning and Zoning Alternate  2020-2022
 Sara Nadim  Zoning Board of Appeals  2020-2024
 Kerry Robair  Zoning Board of Appeals  2020-2024
 Harry Marsh  Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate  2020-2022
 Jay Tulin  Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate  2020-2022
 Patty Buttero  Board of Assessment Appeals  2020-2026
 Peter Bagdigian  Constable  2020-2022