Local Results –

The Farmington Democrats came out to support our candidates! All of the Democrats listed on Farmington ballots achieved their goal! Many thanks to our volunteers, who shared their time and talent to make these campaigns run and thanks to our Democratic voters, who turned out in great numbers to let their voices be heard in this challenging election year.

Here are unofficial results of yesterday’s election:

Jahana Hayes (Representative in Congress 05) received 8,998 Farmington Democratic votes which contributed to her winning a return to Congress. 

Derek Slap (State Senator 05) received 7,566 Farmington votes in his successful re-election to the State Senate while Rick Lopes (State Senator 06) edged out his opponent with 1,007 Farmington Democratic votes and 37 votes from Working Families. 

Tammy Exum (State Representative 19) won 698 Farmington votes in her unopposed run for State Representative while Mike Demicco (State Representative 21) received 8,740 votes from Farmington Democrats and 224 from Working Families to win the right to represent his constituents in Hartford. 

Finally, Registrar of Voters, Barbara Brenneman, received 9,016 votes to retain her position.

Congratulations to all!

More Election Day Photos

There is still time to vote, so get out there if you have not already done so! Here are some photos from earlier in the day.


Election Day!

No time to rest yet for those campaigning or volunteers! Get out and exercise your right to vote! Don’t forget to thank our volunteers for sharing their time to make it easier to vote!

Get out and VOTE!

Signs out, doors knocked, texts sent, calls made, conversations had, issues presented…now it is time to vote! 

Depending on where you live in town, your ballot may look a bit different. Here are all of our local candidates for 2020 We thank them for offering to speak and work for all of us:


Representative in Congress 05: Jahana Hayes

State Senator 05: Derek Slap

State Senator 06: Rick Lopes

State Representative 19: Tammy Exum

State Representative 21: Mike Demicco

Registrar of Voters: Barbara Brenneman

Support their hard work during this campaign and VOTE!


Mail-in Ballots

Still have yours? Make it count! Don’t mail it! Drop it off in the Drop Off Box at the Town Hall!