Meet Rafeena Bacchus Lee - Town Council Candidate

Rafeena Bacchus Lee – Bio:

If you live in Farmington’s first district, chances are you already know Rafeena Bacchus Lee. She’s been a Farmington resident since 2009, and she has a proven track record of major community involvement. The attorney and mother of three Farmington Public School students has been the co-chair of both Comprehensive FHS and the Farmington Funds Advisory Committee of the Hartford Foundation For Public Giving, as well as serving on the boards of the Hill-Stead Museum and the Farmington Field Club. She’s tirelessly committed to service and organization, and she’s bringing this commitment to her campaign for Town Council.

Bacchus Lee is making education and information a hallmark of her campaign. She wants to emphasize: “Farmington residents all want the same thing – a town with well functioning institutions and an opportunity for our families to thrive. I look forward to working with all residents on our shared goal of creating a community that inspires and propels us forward.” To that end, she’s focusing on increasing community engagement and encouraging both established and newer town residents to speak up. “Having a diverse group of voices is vital to making better policy decisions and to forward progress.”


Vote Row A November 2nd – Rafeena Bacchus Lee for Town Council 1st District