“The Farmington Town Council will be holding a number of budget meetings, hearings, and workshops over the next several weeks. The public is welcome at these sessions, and we are hoping that many residents will get involved and share their viewpoints. Our candidates campaigned on the importance of transparency, and these meetings will be help in the spirit of open communication. Beth Kintner has put together this summary of the budget process and the key meetings. We hope to see you there!”

How the Budget is Developed

Farmington’s town budget is passed by a referendum vote each Spring in late April or early May. If the budget does not pass, the Town Council is required to make reductions & it goes to a second referendum.

The budget is made up of the education, town services, and capital improvements budgets. It takes into account the town’s debt service, grand list, and revenues from taxes, grants, fees, etc. The process begins in January as the school budget moves from the Superintendent, to the Board of Education, to the Town Council. The Town Manager crafts the town services side of the budget, and coordinates the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for the town. The CIP outlines capital projects for the town; including the school district, for five years. At a Town Council meeting in February, there is a public hearing on the CIP, and the Town Council reviews the Town Manager’s recommended capital budget. In mid-March, there is a public hearing on the operating budget for the town, and the Town Council reviews the budget at budget workshops. They end with their deliberations, setting of the tax rate, and approving their recommended budget to be sent to the Town Meeting in April. All of the budget meetings, hearings, and budget workshops are open to the public and there is opportunity for public comment.

Make Your Voice Heard

Important dates for 2018:

TUESDAY, March 13th, 7pm, Town Hall: Public Hearing on the Town Manager’s 2018-2019 Recommended Budget

WEDNESDAY, March 14th, 4pm, Town Hall: Budget Workshop

THURSDAY, March 15th, 4pm, Town Hall: Budget Workshop

SATURDAY, March 17th, 9am, Town Hall: Budget Workshop

MONDAY, March 19th, 4pm, Town Hall: Budget Workshop (IF NEEDED)

TUESDAY, March 20th, 4pm, Town Hall: Budget Workshop (IF NEEDED)

MONDAY, April 2nd, 7pm @ Town Hall: Second Public Hearing on Budget (after Town Council review and approval)

Annual Town Meeting – MONDAY, APRIL 16th, 7pm @ FHS Auditorium: The overall town budget will be formally presented to the Town. There is opportunity for public comment, questions and answers.

Budget Referendum – VOTE!

Be sure to put this on your calendar! The budget has failed in the past, & several times by only a few votes. Your vote DOES count! Tell friends & neighbors how important it is, and remind them to vote! Support our community by voting for our town budget!

If needed (the budget fails on the first referendum), a Second Annual Town Meeting would be held on April 30th, and a Second Referendum on May 10th.

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