Patricia Boye-Williams

Patti Boye-Williams – Bio:

Patti Boye-Williams moved to Farmington in 2011 and fell in love with the community, people, and schools.  As a partner at Murtha Cullina LLP and an environmental lawyer who often represents municipalities, Patti’s legal experience allows her to critically evaluate issues that affect the Town while taking into account differing viewpoints and conflicting desires; her experience as a mother of two girls gives her insights into what makes Farmington great for families and future generations.  She strives to give back to her community and help others achieve their full potential, including serving as a Girl Scout leader for her younger daughter’s troop from 2012-2019.

Elected in 2017 to Farmington’s Town Council, Patti fostered a collaborative and inclusive environment during her first term.  By compromising and listening to residents, Patti and the Democrat-led Town Council passed two unanimous, fiscally responsible budgets that were overwhelmingly approved by Unionville and Farmington residents.  By critically evaluating the budget, she did more with less.  These budgets improved Town services, addressed aging infrastructure, and supported our first responders by providing them with necessary equipment.  

Patti prioritized resident concerns regarding traffic, pedestrian and bicycle safety, and increasing “green” efforts in Town.  She partnered with Farmington and Unionville residents to hear fresh perspectives and enhance transparency and communications.  As a result of her actions on Town Council, the number of Town newsletters has been increased and Town staff have more resources to communicate upcoming events and other matters of concern to residents.  

As chair of the Green Efforts committee, Patti spearheaded a waste reduction newsletter.  She understands the importance of open space while encouraging responsible development that minimizes impacts to existing traffic.  As chair of the Land Acquisition Committee, she has coordinated the review of potential open space available for town acquisition, ensuring the preservation of these valuable spaces.

Patti Boye-Williams has demonstrated her commitment to fiscally responsible budgets that address ongoing infrastructure needs; to ensure residents of Farmington and Unionville are heard and included in town initiatives and to focus on best practices to support the town’s needs in a cost-effective way.  Patti will ensure that Farmington continues to be a warm and welcoming place for all to live and raise a family.