Allen Haugh

Allen at Oxford
Allen Haugh, one of our 2017 scholarship winners, is now entering his final year at the University of Oxford where he’s pursuing a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

Allen writes: “The past few years have been a great adventure, where I’ve had the chance to pursue my studies while befriending and working with some truly inspirational people. Being at Oxford in the midst of Brexit and a tumultuous period in Britain’s history has been eye-opening and exposed me to many new issues and perspectives.

In my time here, I’ve grown interested in international development – the study of how countries grow and the human condition can be improved around the world. That interest was fostered through my studies, as well as my other activities – I serve as President of the Oxford United Nations Association and Secretary of the Oxford Society for International Development, through which I’ve had the chance to meet leaders in the field and learn more about it.

Allen at Oxford
Outside of my interest in development, I’m helping lead the Oxford American Society, which works to bring together American students and foster greater understanding of and appreciation for the USA here in Oxford.

Looking towards the future, I’m aiming to serve in the foreign service, where I’d have a chance to help shape and execute American aid and development policy.

I’d like to thank the FDTC, both for the James P. Smith scholarship and for the advice and support members have offered me over the years. My choice to pursue public service is a decision I’ve made over the last few years, but a commitment to public service is something that I first got to witness through the FDTC. I know that my time in Farmington has been foundational to where my life will take me, wherever that may be.”

blue line

Laurie Yousman

Laurie Yousman, one of our 2017 scholarship winners, is now entering her Junior year at Yale University.

Laurie writes: “At Yale I’m now double majoring in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and the History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. Additionally, I’m also on the pre-med track, and spent this last summer doing clinical research on disparities in treatment between Medicaid and private insurance patients. I’ve completed two years so far, and am just about to start my third! I hope to continue my clinical and healthcare policy research throughout this year, hopefully publishing to the academic community in the near future.

Laurie Yousman - coxswain for the Yale men's lightweight crew team

Outside of academics, I’m also on the men’s lightweight crew team at Yale as a coxswain. We’re just coming off of a very successful 2019 campaign winning the overall team points cup, and hope that we can continue that success in the coming season!”

The photo above shows Laurie leading the Yale men’s lightweight crew team on the course at Penn earlier this year.