Our Mission:

  • Our mission is to promote and elect people to local, state, and federal offices who promote equal economic opportunity, fair taxation, exceptional education and healthcare for all; and protect our citizens from disingenuous special interest groups.

  • Our mission is to recognize and elect people who will govern with integrity, work diligently to meet the needs of our residents and communicate with transparency.

  • Our mission is to identify, promote and elect Democrats to local, state, and federal offices who will represent all Farmington residents.

Our Vision:

  • Our vision is to promote responsible governing and protect the constitutional rights of all our constituents and champion equality for all.

  • Our vision is to represent the needs and rights of Farmington residents in an equal and open manner, and to protect our environment from insincere special interests.

  • Our vision is to protect all our constituents’ rights to equal economic opportunity so everyone has the right to be successful, ensure a prosperous economy and environment for future generations, and be stewards of environmental and fiscal responsibility.