Dear Neighbor,

Now that the 2017 Legislative Session is well under way, I want to share some thoughts with you.

The Speaker of the House has appointed me House Chair of the Environment Committee. I welcome the opportunity to address important environmental issues. I am also serving on the Public Health and Energy & Technology committees.

A top priority this year is legislation that will strengthen Connecticut’s economy. The aim is to encourage small businesses to thrive, add good-paying jobs to the workforce, provide incentive for corporations to move here and expand, whild developing a sustainable and predictable state budget.

I am closely monitoring several local issues, including the UConn Health Center Fire Department, the Farmington High School renovation project, the Route 4 improvement project, and the state budget, to make sure that Farmington’s interests are protected.

Please call me at 860-240-1376 or email me at

Thank you.

I am working on more than a dozen bills this year based on conversations I’ve had with you. For a complete list of bills please visit my website. Below are a few I’ve received the most feedback on:

  • Make state services and our community accessible for persons with disabilities
    • HB 5515 calls for the installation of accessible ramps, power assist doors, elevators and bathrooms at state facilities.
    • HB 5564 would make medical diagnostic equipment accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • Make sure our returning veterans have access to the skills they need to rejoin the workforce
    • HB 6969 would waive fees for the veterans enrolled at public institutions of higher education in Connecticut.
    • HB 6970 would provide outreach and assistance to veterans enrolled at colleges and universities in Connecticut.
  • Make sure Connecticut is affordable
    • HB 5586 would allow for up to five years a personable income tax credit to residents earning a higher education degree from a college or university in Connecticut or elsewhere and who are employed in Connecticut.
    • HB 5587 would exempt Social Security benefits from the personal income tax for beneficiaries age 62 or older.