Matt Pogson – Bio:

Matt Pogson is a lifelong resident of Farmington. His Farmington roots date back to 1921 when his great-grandfather, Theodore “Tater” Hanson, started Mountain View Farm on Main Street; and his family continues to serve the community “The Best Corn Anywhere”.

Although Matt still enjoys spending his summers working on the family farm, his true passion has always been fixing things. After graduating from Farmington High School, Matt received a Bachelor’s degree in Technology Education from Central Connecticut State University and later returned to earn his Master’s degree in Special Education. Matt just started his 12th year teaching, and is currently the Automotive Technology and Engineering instructor at Hamden High School. In 2008 Matt met his wife Amanda and shortly thereafter they bought a house together in Farmington. In 2011 Matt and Amanda were married and set their sights on starting a family. In 2012 Matt and his father teamed up to complete a ground up renovation on their house on Brickyard Road.

“I’ve always known that I wanted to raise my family in Farmington, but my wife and I agreed our house needed renovating before we could do that. Most people in Farmington know my father from the many years he served on the Planning and Zoning Commission, but he is also a talented contractor and builder. Working with him on my house was the ultimate father-son project. I learned more during that time about zoning, permitting, engineering and construction than in any of my construction courses in college.”

This past March Matt and Amanda welcomed their first child, Cassidy, to the family, and are excited to have another generation grow up in this great town. With the fifth generation of his family establishing their roots in Farmington, it’s easy to see that Matt is invested in our town and its future.