Meet Jon Schoenhorn - Candidate for Farmington Zoning Board of Appeals

Jon L. Schoenhorn – Bio:

Jon Schoenhorn is a 6-year veteran of the Zoning Board of Appeals, currently serving as Chair. A Farmington resident of almost 20 years, he is a lawyer and has been the recipient of the Judge David E. Bazelon Award for Civil Rights. Jon brings this expertise with him to the ZBA: his background in civil and human rights gives him an excellent framework for ensuring homeowners receive fair due process hearings. Jon is a Life Fellow of the Connecticut Bar Foundation, former administrative hearing officer for the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, and former member of the Connecticut Legislature’s Task Force for Sentencing Reform. He was rated one of the Top 100 Connecticut trial lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association. In addition to his professional work, Jon also is a dedicated conservationist and outdoor enthusiast. He has been a dedicated manager of a section of the Metacomet Trail for 30 years and worked with Farmington and state officials to design and coordinate efforts to construct a hiking/fishing access trail along the Farmington River that connects with Avon’s Fisher Meadows trail system.

Vote November 2nd – Jon L. Schoenhorn – Zoning Board of Appeals