The Farmington Democratic Party has endorsed twenty candidates for the upcoming Municipal Election on November 7. Leading the ticket will be Rafeena Bacchus Lee, a member of the Town Council, who is now running for Town Council Chair. Lee is a longtime Farmington resident with a proven track record of major community involvement. An attorney and mother of three students in the Farmington Public Schools, Lee has co-chaired both Comprehensive FHS and the Farmington Funds Advisory Committee of the Hartford Foundation For Public Giving. She also serves on the boards of the Hill-Stead Museum and The Friends of Farmington Crew. “I am honored and proud to lead this remarkable slate of candidates, all of whom are committed to ensuring Farmington remains a town with well-functioning institutions and opportunities for all our residents to thrive,” Lee said. “We have seen a lot of change in the past few years. To navigate the challenges ahead, we will need a balance of experience and fresh thinking. Our slate is dedicated to collaboratively engaging with the community to analyze the issues facing our town and to develop and implement workable solutions.”
Farmington Democratic party endorsements:
● Town Council Chair: Rafeena Bacchus Lee
● Town Council (1st District): Brian FX Connolly, Dave Wlodkowski
● Town Council (2nd District): Patti Boye-Williams, Matt Hutvagner
● Board of Education: Beth Kintner, Erika Nowakowski, James Rackliffe
● TPZ: Matt Bandle, Liz Sanford
● TPZ Vacancy term: Dave St. Germain
● TPZ Alternates: Bruce Polsky, Mike Tucci
● Zoning Board of Appeals: Liz Gemski, Cate Grady-Benson
● Zoning Board of Appeals Alternates: Marianne Dess-Santoro*, Haritha Subramanian*
● Board of Assessment Appeals: Dr. Frank Gerratana
● Constable: Peter Bagdigian, Swapna Das

*Due to scheduling conflicts, Ms. Dess-Santoro and Ms. Subramanian will be officially endorsed by the Farmington Democratic Town Committee at a later date.