Ned Lamont – Governor

Our interests are represented by the following Democrats in Connecticut’s General Assembly:


Derek Slap – Connecticut State Senator – 5th Disrtict

In a special election Derek Slap was elected State Senator for the 5th District which includes all of West Hartford, most of Farmington, and a portion of Bloomfield and Burlington.

Previously, Derek Slap had served one term representing West Hartford and a portion of Farmington as the 19th District House of Representatives. While serving in the House, Derek Slap initiated and promoted several key bills which were passed into law, including bills promoting equal pay for women and employment protection for seniors.

Mr. Slap currently serves on the following committees: Senate Chair of the Committee on Children, Vice-Chair of the Aging Committee, and a member of the Commerce, Higher Education & Employment Advancement, Human Services, and Transportation committees.


Mike Demicco – Connecticut State Representative – 21 District

Mike Demicco has been representing Connecticut’s 21st Assembly District of Farmington and Unionville since 2012.

Prior to his duties in the Connecticut General Assembly, Mr. Demicco served on the Farmington town council for four terms where he worked on the Elderly Tax Relief Subcommittee, the Ethics Ordinance Subcommittee and the Legal Services Subcommittee. He also served as the town council’s liaison to the Water Pollution Control Authority, and was a member of the UCONN Health Center Communication Committee, the UCONN Health Center Department of Correction Committee, and the Stephen Flis Scholarship Committee.

Mr. Demicco currently serves as the Connecticut State House Chair of the Environment Committee and as a member of the Public Health Committee and the Energy and Technology Committee.

Click here to see the bills that have been introduced by Mike Demicco during the current Legislative Session.


Tammy Exum – Connecticut Representative – 19th District

House Bills introduced by Representative Tammy Exum