To the Editor:

Another election is in front of us. empowering us as constituents, to cast a vote that affects our community and our lives. as a woman, a mother of four kids, in three different schools in town, and (forgive me Mom & Dad), a daughter with aging parents, I take this vote seriously. I am casting my vote for Mike Demicco, for State Representative. Mike Demicco is a very easy candidate to support. If all politicians worked and behaved like Mike, our country would be in a far better state. He is not in this for accolades, he is truly striving to make a difference and his record shows that. He has knocked on over 5000 doors in Farmington since June, and even though he knows he has our vote as both a Democrat and Republican household, he still knocks on ours.

I follow elections very simply. I look at the facts, at the records,and at the people and their character. Some people can not stand behind their records and they have no facts to back them up. In fact, they have a history of spewing false information in the hopes that we are too busy to seek out the truth. They’ve perhaps found themselves in bad company, but have stayed. Luckily, Mike makes it easy for us because there are so many positives, easily uncovered. Mike Demicco represents all of us. He works tirelessly for our schools, for women, for seniors and for our special needs community.

He legislates for our education budgets, from our Westwoods playground to our Turf Soccer Field at Tunxis Mead. He looks after our children’s safety by securing millions of dollars for our schoool security infrastructure and our school technology upgrades. He is not someone that represents one person, or one facet of our lives. He represents all of us. He has pushed legislation for women to protect our health benefits, to ensure pregnant women have access to health care and that insurance companies protect all forms of mammograms. He has worked for our Seniors, to restore funding for the Medicare savings program and by phasing out income tax on Social Security and pension benefits.

I trust him to work for me and my family – after all, that’s why we cast a vote. Who do you want to represent the needs of you and your family? We trust Mike Demicco. You should too. On Tuesday, November 6th we will head to the polls to vote for Mike in the General Assembly. We have full confidence he will continue to fight for the well-being of our entire community.

Monique Daragjati Bannon