Dave Wlodkowski

Dave Wlodkowski is a planner. He’s meticulous, dedicated to noticing the smallest data, but also to maintaining an eye for the big picture. It’s no wonder, then, that the skills which serve him so well as an architect will serve him even better as Chair of the Farmington Town Council.


Dave and his wife moved to Farmington 26 years ago. Their children attended and graduated from Farmington’s public school system, so he understands the importance of having a strong school community, and how critical it is to improve our town. “If Farmington is to continue to be a strong community for future generations,” he notes, “we must continuously position ourselves to meet new challenges.” As Town Council chair, he hopes to focus on ensuring the new high school project is completed on time and on budget, as well as prioritizing infrastructure improvements with a focus on walkability and sustainability while also maintaining a solid, healthy tax base.


Dave will bring a careful, finance-oriented eye to Town Council projects. He currently serves on the Town Retirement Board, which oversees investments for funding Farmington’s town employee retirement accounts. However, he also believes strongly in the importance of community engagement and transparency in local governance. “Everyone deserves a voice in local government,” he notes, and he recognizes the challenges Farmington currently faces, including the economic and social effects of the pandemic. “I will be a responsive and effective leader and work toward solving our current challenges, as well as those ahead of us, while listening to the ideas and concerns of all town residents.”


Dave has been an active volunteer and participant in town life, serving on the Town Retirement Board, Exchange Club, Porter Memorial and Amistad Hall renovation committees, and First Church’s Council of Deacons.