Beth Kintner – Bio:

A 20-year Farmington resident, Beth Kintner is a voice for progress in local schools, organizations, and community. In her role as president and co-president of Farmington Future since 2012, she has been a leader in creating awareness of, and taking action toward, issues that matter to town residents.

Beth’s work for the community has included positions with the Superintendent’s Parent Leadership Forum, a decade with the PTOs of Noah Wallace and West Woods Schools, and volunteer work for Farmington Youth Baseball League and the booster clubs for FHS Boys’ Baseball and Boys’ Soccer.

Her involvement in Farmington mirrors a career focused on strengthening individuals and communities after earning her Masters in Social Work/Social Service Administration. Most recently, she spent eight years in program management and planning for the Human Resources Agency of New Britain, and three as a case manager for the Mid-Connecticut Workforce Development Board.

A passionate advocate of planning that is positive for the town’s future, Mrs. Kintner believes she can make a valuable contribution to the Town Council’s work in service of the entire community.

In recent months, she has been focusing on instilling the importance of service to community in her sons by encouraging their participation in volunteer opportunities through the Farmington Youth Volunteer Connection. Beth can often be seen around town clutching a coffee or iced tea – at the wheel of her minivan or cheering on one of her sons’ sports teams.