Patti Boye-Williams – Bio:

Patti Boye-Williams moved to Farmington in 2011 and fell in love with the community, the schools, and the people.

Patti’s personal and professional experiences combine to give her unique insights into maintaining Farmington’s excellence for its families and future generations. An environmental lawyer who often represents municipalities, Patti is well-positioned to critically evaluate issues that affect our town, while also taking into account the essential value of differing viewpoints and conflicting desires. A mother of two girls in the Farmington school system, she knows firsthand the challenges the town faces, as well as its exceptional strengths.

Patti is an active participant in the local community helping others achieve their full potential, including serving as a Girl Scout leader for her younger daughter’s troop since 2012.

When she’s not helping out with her daughters’ lacrosse teams, attending school functions, or at work, Patti enjoys running–and is training for her first marathon this fall in Chicago. Like running for fitness, running a town requires perseverance and consistent effort. With a commitment to those qualities, Patti Boye-Williams will work to ensure the people of Farmington are heard, and that our town continues to be a warm and welcoming place for all to live and raise their families.