2019 Farmington Municipal Election

Thanks to strong turnout on Tuesday, we regained the majority on the Board of Education and maintained the majority on Town Planning and Zoning. Though we fell less than 90 votes short in continuing our majority on the Council, we congratulate Ed Giannaros and Brian Connolly for their impressive showings and look forward to working with our Republican colleagues on behalf of our community. Congratulations to all candidates on both sides who stepped up to serve a town they’re deeply committed to. Our biggest thanks to the candidates’ families and supporters for being a part of a hardworking team dedicated to Farmington.


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Dave Wlodkowski – Viewpoints on Stewardship

First District Town Council candidate Dave Wlodkowski provided insight into his views on stewardship and how as a Farmington Town Council member, he and the Democratic team will position Farmington for future generations.

Click here to see a video from the Farmington Town Council forum held earlier this week.

Dave Wlodkowski had this to say:

“Every organization fights to see how they can appeal to a new generation – a new generation to bring the those people into civic engagement. You don’t measure yourself where you are in your professional career, but in how you’re giving back to the town. So I think it’s critical for us to be stewards of not only what we do in our family life, but also try to open up all of these organizations to as many people as possible; and I think even on the council, we can even bring that kind of insight to govern.”

“Because we are stewards at a moment in time so that the town will last us a while longer than we’re going to be here.”

“There have been stewards along the way who have set the table for the next generation and the next generation after that – and that’s where we have to be.”

“We have to set the big process of today, but also look to the future and make sure we’ve done the best job in setting the course for that.”

Vote Row A for Dave Wlodkowski and the Farmington Democratic team on Tuesday, November 5th.

Nutmeg TV – Meet the Candidates – Farmington

Nutmeg TV is an independent, nonprofit Farmington Valley CT cable access station serving Farmington and seven other towns in the region. They have provided their viewers with the opportunity to be more informed about candidates local municipal elections.

The Meet the Candidates – Farmington videos highlight the Town Council and the Board of Education candidates. The videos are currently running on Nutmeg TV and are also available for viewing here on YouTube.

The Farmington Democrats have brought together a very strong team of candidates for the 2019 Municipal election. As you learn more about these candidates, you’ll see that the Farmington Democrats address the issues, present viable ideas with an eye toward the future for all residents of the town of Farmington.

More information about each of the candidates can be found at the Farmington Democrats website.

Vote Row A, Tuesday November 5th!

Town Council Chair Debate
6:30 PM, Sunday, October 27th
Farmington High School Cafeteria

OK everyone, this one is not to be missed!

Democratic Candidate for Farmington Town Council Chair, Bruce Charette will debate the Republican candidate at 6:30 PM on Sunday October 27th at the Farmington High School Cafeteria.

These events, presented by Farmington High School Student Representatives always prove to be very informative.

Come out and Support Bruce Charette and learn what both candidates have to say about the future of Farmington.

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We’re down to 21 days until Election Day. You know what that means: our candidates are counting on you to help them reach your neighbors, friends, and fellow voters across Farmington.

Can you give 30-60 minutes this week to help with:

1) phone calls (you can make them from home or at our headquarters),

2) doorknocking,

3) putting up lawn signs,

4) helping to plan parties for fundraising, or

5) admin support at headquarters (dropping off food, taking inventory of supplies, and helping with mailings)?

The headquarters is located in the Riverfront Mini Golf plaza on the corner of Route 4/Farmington Ave. and River Rd (218 River Rd – red building).

Send us an email – volunteer@farmingtondemocrats.org

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An Evening with Bruce Charette, Brian Connolly and Dave Wlodkowski

Farmington Democratic Town Committee

An Evening with our

First District Candidates for Town Council

Brian Connolly
Dave Wlodkowski

and our Candidate for Town Council Chair

Bruce Charette

Thursday, October 17
5:30 to 8: 00 pm
at Rob and Jill Leclerc’s house
27 Reservoir Road

Support this effort to keep our majority on
the Town Council, and elect the first Democrat
for Council Chair in more than 50 years

All Donations are Greatly Appreciated

Paid for by the Farmington Democratic Town Committee.
Approved by All Candidates.